About us

AmCham Hungary is one of the largest American Chambers of Commerce in Central and Eastern Europe, representing American, international and local business interests in Hungary.

AmCham Hungary is an extensive, influential platform for your business, which is also

  • Non-governmental,
  • Non-political,
  • Financially independent* and self-sustaining.

AmCham’s membership profile represents a majority of Hungary’s largest companies:

  • Number of employees at member companies in 2019 were 210 000.
  • Our members generated a total net revenue of over 236 trillion HUF in 2019.
  • Very wide and strong representation of different business sectors in the membership*:
    • 6 out of the 10 largest banks
    • 17 among the largest Shared Service Centers
    • 7 out of the 10 largest electronics manufacturers
    • 15 ranked among the 20 largest international law firms
    • All 4 of the largest corporate finance consultants
    • All 4 of the largest telecom service providers
    • 5 out if 6 largest internet service providers
    • 5 out of 6 recruitment agencies

*Sources: AmCham database, BBJ’s Book of List, Figyelő TOP 200, www.opten.hu, Ministry of Justice: http://e-beszamolo.kim.gov.hu/

Thus, it provides the ideal marketing vehicle to promote brand awareness in the Hungarian business community and beyond. AmCham’s publications give its members the opportunity get involved in public advocacy efforts and communicate with a readership base of top business executives, diplomats and politicians in Hungary and abroad.

AmCham provides members with an opportunity to actively and directly participate in defining, developing, discussing and resolving issues of common interest impacting the operations of their respective businesses and organizations. Through active member participation and cooperation with Policy Task Forces and Committees, AmCham strives to create a space for a thriving and dynamic business scene in Hungary.

On top of that, the Chamber is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and also of a large umbrella organization called AmChams in Europe representing companies with close to 4 million employees and 2000 billion € worth of investment, providing members of AmCham Hungary get access a wide European network.




AmCham Hungary represents the interest of the entire membership to make ‘doing-business’ in Hungary easier, more efficient and reliable. According to its new strategy AmCham will use a Policy Agenda as a guideline for its Advocacy efforts each year.

Our way of working:

  • Collective interest – on behalf of a given sector or the entire membership
  • Issues verified by expert members (AmCham Committees)
  • Regulations serving the interest of all actors of the Hungarian economy

We continuously talk to the decision makers about issues effecting business conduct in Hungary. To make these efforts as efficient as possible we have entered a number of cooperation agreements with the government since 2011.
To see our most recent achievements please visit our advocacy timeline


AmCham is a network. The power of networks was one of our Visionary event topics in 2014 and the words of Professor Barabási reinforced us incorporating the idea of network in our new strategy: „if networks are expanding, links will want to join the most popular hubs. […] It is hubs that make the difference.”

AmCham Hungary provides Exclusive Networking Possibilities to its members in order to have various opportunities to interact on a formal business level as well as a social level exist through various types of events:

  • Regular monthly events (Business Forums, Seminar & Cocktails)
  • Conferences (regular conferences on taxation, diversity, labor and education issues)
  • Ad hoc business events (Global Leaders on the AmCham Podium, Career School)
  • Networking events (Business After Hours, Insight dinners)
  • Special events (Independence Day Family Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, Annual Sports Day, U.S. Election Night Party)

Through Participation In These Events You Will:

  • Meet with high-level speakers
  • Gain knowledge in a niche area presented by an expert on the matter
  • Directly inform, and gain feedback from, business leaders in the Hungarian economy about new marketing campaigns and corporate strategies in Hungary
  • Show commitment to improve the global competitiveness of Hungary
  • Gain exposure in the media, print, broadcast and online


For AmCham knowledge as a strategic area stands for the professional expertise represented by our members, the education which in the long term impacts competitiveness and innovation which can be a unique selling point for attracting FDI. AmCham is in a unique position to synthetize the brainpower of hundreds of experts in a variety of topics and issues. We must leverage this strength, building on our traditionally strong committee network.


  • Publications: Annual Report, AmCham bimonthly paper JOURNAL containing important information about the business scene
  • Publicity on the AmCham website: business offer, members’ release, recommended event
  • Sponsorship and advertising opportunities
  • Access to online Membership Directory
  • Information on other AmCham organizations across Europe
  • Membership surveys
  • Mailing list

To contact the AmCham Staff please click here.

 * In November 2018, AmCham launched a project called Career Orientation Platform to build a bridge between companies and secondary schools with the purpose of helping students make informed decisions about their careers and futures. To support the new program and it is objective to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and careers among students, AmCham received a grant from the Arconic Foundation in October.

The Arconic Foundation is an international organization dedicated to support programs developing the next generation of engineering and manufacturing workforce. Because of this grant, AmCham Hungary is now considered a foreign-funded organization under the Act LXXVI of 2017.