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To help Committee members keep up with fast-changing office market trends, give them professional guidelines, present emerging digital technologies to them, and to remain a general go-to knowledge hub for discussion of topics in Facilities Management, Enhanced Workspace Experience, Agile Working, and Employee Satisfaction Management.


The Facility Management Working Group was established in 2009 and the Board of AmCham upgraded it to a Committee in 2012. Since then, it has become a vibrant community of soft and hard FM experts, real estate developers and providers of office interior solutions. To reflect our diverse membership, we adopted our current name in 2019. 

Future goals

The committee plans to:

  • Provide a platform for regular professional input and oversight on facilities related matters as well as office industrial trends in general, including workforce related topics;
  • Encourage the exchange of opinions and experiences of AmCham member companies;
  • Continue the practice of holding our quarterly meetings in different venues which provides a wider insight into the operation of many different companies;
  • Maintain a fast reacting communication system – circular e-mails among members – which helps generate an immediate response to any significant WFM related practical issues;
  • Hold an open committee meeting which helps to promote our activities outside of AmCham.

Main activities and achievemts in 2019

On our first meeting in February, we visited the regional HQ of HB Reavis in Bratislava, Slovakia and were given a tour of the premises by Tomáš Meliško, Head of Symbiosy. We also learned about the latest Symbiotic Building Technologies, Workplace Consultancy & Change Management strategies and the practicalities of Asset & Office management.

In April we visited the Budapest HQ of Ericsson, recipients of the Office of the Year award in the Employer Branding category. Our facilitator, Szabolcs Geng, Head of Real Estate and Facilities Management explained how a large employee base and Nordic preference for purity of form, had been core considerations when they designed their Budapest HQ.

For our third meeting in May, we were invited to the state-of-the-art offices of Europa Design to discuss practical experiences about WELL Certificates, following the presentation of our facilitators, Ottó Feuertag, Owner and Founder and Emese Kovács, Partner of MN6 Energy Agency. We also learned about a quick and easy solution to securely validating and transferring official documents digitally by Ágoston Hortobágyi, CEO of DO-Q-MENT. The event concluded by an excellent barbecue dinner provided by our host, Europa Design

Our Fourth, September meeting was held in Morgan Stanley’s Budapest HQ where Zsolt Lukács, MS Executive Director of Agile Center of Excellence outlined how the needs of Agile teams and SCRUM project methodology shapes office space. We were also given a tour of the premises by Jonathan Griffith, MS Vice President, EMEA office space designer who talked about the complex process of designing a unified world-wide company interior style.

Our last meeting in November, took place at the new HQ of Magyar Telekom, where Dóra Solymosi, Head of HQ Infrastructure explained the concepts behind the designs and layout of the building.


*To read the Annual Reports of the previous years, please click here.                                           
For more details on our upcoming projects and events for 2020 please contact the committee chair or the coordinator. 


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