Policy Agenda 2017-2020

AmCham's Policy Agenda is presented to our membership and the business community in order to serve as a roadmap for our advocacy efforts and all related activities and projects in 2017-2020.

As the cornerstone of our advocacy work and in accordance with our vision, AmCham launched its second Policy Agenda in June 2017. This new Policy Agenda is based on the pillars of the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR), focusing on those areas most critical to be improved, and where the biggest impact could be made. The Policy Agenda 2017-2020 is the second edition and it incorporates many of the learnings of the advocacy work of the previous years. (The first Policy Agenda was published in 2015) The paper serves as a firm backbone to our future advocacy work and provides a clear indication of our priorities. The Policy Agenda defines how the AmCham community can improve Hungary’s competitiveness, what is needed to make Hungary more attractive for international investors, and also what is required from the regulatory environment to achieve our common goals.


The four focus areas are:

AmCham is proud to have launched flagship events – the Business Meets Government and Competitive Education summits, the Business Meets Universities project and many other conferences – meaningful partnerships and a robust set of recommendations, the “Cooperation for a More Competitive Hungary” packages, the latest in 2020. These programs have had an effect, and we are dedicated to continue and further develop these endeavors. This year - 2020 - is the last one under the umbrella of this Policy Agenda 2017-2020. We are ahead of a new start with the aim of preserving and developing our values.

This is a living document...

Please talk to us, share your ideas for improvement, challenge us and, most of all, we invite you to actively contribute by joining a Policy Task Force!